About Us

Established in 2018

RIBV (Thailand) is set up by a team of engineers specialize in environment turnkey projects.

We are the elite team from Environmental Industries with an average of more than 20 years of experience. Through strategic partnership in Asia Pacific, we have the ability to support and represents major OEM companies in the Environmental Industry.

With our experience in various management background, we are able to help company with expansion initiatives, operation optimization and provide innovative solutions for all our clients.

What We Do

Activated Carbon . Aerator . Bag House Filters . Blowers . Clarifiers . Conveyors . Diffusers . ElectroStatic Precipitator . Flushing System . Incinerators . Mixers . Penstocks . Pumps . Odour Treatment . Water Treatment Systems . Screens . Sludge Dryer . Static Mixer . Valves . Voltage Controller . Vortex Separator . oZone System


To provide high quality products and engineering solution to our partners.


To be the leading engineering provider for Asia Pacific.


We believe that we will achieve all of those desired business results through being true to our core values.