Our Products

RIBV Thailand carries various products range varies from Blowers, Penstocks to a wide range of equipment for a complete Waste Water Treatment plant. Here is a summary of what we do:

Activated Carbon . Aerator . Bag House Filters . Blowers . Clarifiers . Conveyors . Diffusers . ElectroStatic Precipitator . Flushing System . Incinerators . Mixers . Penstocks . Pumps . Odour Treatment . Water Treatment Systems .  Static Mixer . Valves . Voltage Controller . Vortex Separator . 

Products and solution for the Treatment of Water, Wastewater and Sludge. 

Complete range of products for the following areas:

➤mechanical wastewater treatment
➤ mechanical sludge treatment
➤ thermal sludge treatment
➤ filtration and filtration
➤ residue treatment
➤ stainless steel products

Our solutions are designed for:

➤ wastewater treatment plants
➤ sewer systems
➤ semi-centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment
➤ wastewater reuse
➤ heat recovery
➤ decentralized water and energy loops
➤ industrial wastewater
➤ water treatment
➤ water supply

IntelliNet – Management Platform

The Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT), which is also known as Industry 4.0 when applied to the manufacturing industry, is a concept of integrating smart manufacturing machinery, AI-powered automation, and advanced analytics to help make every worker and every factory more efficient.

With the unpredictable peaks in a system, it is more efficient to managed the network objects all from a single location!

➤ Energy Efficient
➤ Prevent overcapacity in treatment plants & pumping stations
➤ Optimal operational cost
➤ No human interaction
➤ Overcome the complexity of sewer network management

DAF: Dissolved Air Flotation

Highly efficient pollutant removal for a range of industries and
sectors including:
– Food and beverage,
– Pharmaceutical
– Oil and gas,
– PET,
– Wood,
– Landfill,
– Biogas, etc.

totally containerised, plug and play DAF modules for simple and fast setup.
Skid Mounted

skid mounted DAF systems for indoor installation in very small spaces.

Site Built

DAF equipment kits installed in site built concrete tanks for very large flowrates.